Christmas Audiobooks

Over Christmas we will be travelling to see family. For us this involves time in the car when we will listen to some audiobooks. If it’s the same for you, why not join us in listening to one of these Christmas themed stories?

Christmas Stories Image

David Angus, A Classic Children’s Christmas (Five classic stories including The Fir Tree, The Nutcracker and more)

Enid Blyton, Christmas Stories (Wonderful stories about the traditions of mistletoe, Christmas trees and lots more)

Enid Blyton, Christmas Tales

Enid Blyton, Christmas Treats

Richard Crompton, Just William at Christmas

William Horwood, The Willows in Winter

William Horwood, The Willows at Christmas

Various, A Family Christmas (traditional short stories including The Little Match Girl, The Nutcracker)

There are of course loads more out there…. Do let me know of ones your family have enjoyed. You could play some carols too and have a good singing session!

Happy listening!

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