Living History

Today the great excitement was Hadrian’s Wall and Vindolanda!

Our older two children have been learning Latin this year with Ed and in the same way my French text books were always set in La Rochelle when I was little, their Latin ones are set in the imagined life of this historical Roman site, Vindolanda. We have also been studying the Romans this last term, so it was thrilling to see history come alive for all of us. The latrines and the sponge sticks were of particular interest, as well as discovering all the places you could stand and shoot the enemy from! We were not there for long as I always find short and sweet is best with little ones in tow!




Hadrian’s Wall

Next stop was 10 minutes at Hadrian’s wall. Some might say why bother?! But if you’d seen the smiles on all our faces as we walked a few metres from the car park, you’d understand. A real highlight to see how far the Romans reached with their Empire and to actually touch the wall we’ve read so much about! Our middle child came home and eagerly reached for his next Roman Mystery Scroll book by Caroline Lawrence as he went to bed.

A happy day!


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