Children’s Book Recommendations

The books you read as a child brought you sights you hadn’t seen for yourself, scents you hadn’t smelled, sounds you hadn’t heard.  They introduced you to people you hadn’t met, and helped you to sample ways of being that would never have occurred to you.

— Francis Spufford


Over the years, we have read and shared many books in our home.  Below are some that myself and the kids have enjoyed at various stages and seasons of life.Think of this page as a virtual library of recommendations for children’s literature.

Picture Books

Picture Books for 2 year olds

20 Picture Books for 3-5 year olds

Seasonal Books

Autumn Picture Books

Winter Picture Books

Spring Picture Books

Summer Picture Books

Chapter Books

My Boy’s Book Recommendations 5 – 7 years old

Starting Out as an Independent Reader 6+

Classics for Young Independent Readers 5-10 year olds

Over 40 Children’s Books 6-10 year olds

20 Modern Classics 7-11 year olds

Children’s Fiction 8+

20 Books for Children 9+

Over 10 More Children’s Books 9+

Another 20 Books 9 -12 year olds

Books by Michael Morpurgo

Stories for Animal Lovers

Stories with Dolls

Historical Fiction

Tudor Books 8+

WWII Historical Fiction 6+

Victorian Historical Fiction 6+

Ancient Egypt Historical Fiction 5+

Oxford Stories

Geographical Fiction

Rainforest Literature for Kids 5+

Visiting Paris

Visiting Barcelona

Visiting Rome

Visiting Cornwall

Oxford Stories

Read Alouds

Read Alouds with my 4 year old

Read Alouds for 5 year olds

20 Family Read Alouds

Our Read Alouds


Over 25 Christmas Chapter Books

Over 25 Christmas Picture Books

Christmas Stories and Poems

Christmas Audiobooks

The Nutcracker Extravaganza


Easter Picture Books and Poetry


Listening to Audiobooks 3yrs +

10 Audiobooks 4+

Audiobooks for the Summer 4+

10 More Audiobooks for Children 5+

Audiobooks are the Answer 5+

Children’s Audiobooks 7+

Christmas Audiobooks