Stories for Animal Lovers

Part I: Cats and Dogs

Last night we had fun over supper remembering all the stories we had read with pigs in! The conversation flowed from there as we darted from rabbit stories to mice and onto cats.  It was the children that suggested we jot them all down and added “Put the books on the blog Mummy.” So over the next few weeks you can have a browse as I publish various animal instalments from pigs to rabbits to foxes.  If your child loves dogs you can scroll straight down and see what my kids recommend! These lists are obviously not exhaustive in any sense and I’d love to know of stories your family have enjoyed.  Lots of these are available in audiobook format too if you wanted them for the car.

So today, I bring to you stories with cats and dogs as the principal characters.

Enjoy browsing!


Mrs Cockle's Cat


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Happy reading!

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