Audiobooks are the Answer

We’re in ‘Week 2 of Unexpected Homeschooling’ as I write this. Lunch is cleared away and I’m sitting in the quiet on the sofa.  This is my sanity hour and I highly recommend it!

Since the kids were small we have kept ‘nap time’ and so the children are used to going to their rooms or own space for an hour. If they are engrossed in something it’s often longer. I wouldn’t want to interrupt them after all, would I?!

With this ‘Unexpected Homeschooling’ predicted to last for a few months, this post lunch rest time is going to be key for me and for the family. My children know I’ll be tired and grumpy if not.  So if you are having to juggle work – here is an uninterrupted hour.  Or just an hour to collapse with a coffee and close your eyes.  The kids in our house appreciate having some time apart and come back together for the afternoon wanting to see each other. Always a bonus! If you haven’t introduced a rest time of some description into your day already, I really recommend it.

What the children might get up to in their rest time is obviously age and interest dependent but here are some ideas to get you started:

  • school work for older ones
  • read a book or magazine
  • write letters
  • keep a diary
  • look at picture books
  • draw
  • quiz and puzzle books / suduko
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • play with toys – dolls, cars, trains
  • construction toys – lego, marble run, kapla planks
  • loom bands, Hama beads, aquabeads
  • electronics kit
  • design a game

This quiet hour can be a particular challenge with young ones who perhaps don’t like playing independently for too long, but this is where audiobooks have been my answer and I hope they will be a massive help to you too.

Over 20 audiobooks my 5 year old enjoys:






















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