Tips for Unexpected Homeschooling

* Daily Routine/Structure

    – including getting up and on with the day

* Daily Fresh Air

    – walks

    – explore the nature in your area

    – go for a run together

    – bike rides

    – send the kids for a run up and down the pavement

    – hopscotch on pavement or patio

    – time in the garden

    – start a nature journal and sketch something you see outside

* Don’t try and recreate school at home. 

* Use the mornings to get big blocks of work done.

* Involving the children in the daily and weekly chores and responsibilities in the house (parents can’t do it all!)

eg. Laying/clearing tables, laundry, meal prep, sweeping, cleaning, emptying bedroom bins, hoovering, dusting, feeding pets, gardening etc

* Get the kids cooking and baking 

    – Older ones could prepare a meal from scratch following a recipe

    – Younger ones can help chopping and mixing etc

* Rest time after lunch – for your sanity!

   Ideally in their own rooms/space:

    – Doing school work

    – Reading a book

    – Listening to an audiobook

    – Playing in their rooms – lego, dolls, drawing, stickers, construction toys, electronics

    – Looking at picture books

    – Craft

* Read stories to them however old they are

    – set a time for this so it happens

    – lots of recommendations on my blog

* Enjoy more time to:

    – play cards and boardgames

    – puzzles

    – den making

    – crafts

* Learn a new handicraft together

eg. whittling, knitting, sewing, woodwork, claywork, cross-stitch, wet felting, watercolour painting

* Create memories

Do share other ideas in the comments box below to encourage and support each other at this time.


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