Egyptian Historical Fiction 5+

Write what should never be forgotten.

— Isabel Allende

Understanding the past is fundamental to who we are in the present and the kind of society we seek to build into the future. Historical fiction is one way we can help our children to inhabit the past, unlocking their historical imagination through stories that bring culture, societies, personalities and politics of distant times and places to life.

As term gets underway, my son(8) has asked for “Egypt books please”, as he is studying Ancient Egypt at school. Fortunately we have a number of picture books from when we were homeschooling all the children; we read The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer and so we have dipped into this period of history.  I’ve now also tracked down a few chapter books I thought I’d share with you. Do scroll down.

Picture Books







Chapter Books







Would love to hear of other books set in Ancient Egypt that you or your children have enjoyed.

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